Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pleasant View Milling Company

I took two of my kids (ages 4 and 2) to check on mulch prices/quality at the mill, and was pleasantly surprised by a great field trip.

The kids were fascinated by the feed mixer. It's like a huge blender that is probably 45 feet tall. We watched the owner pour corn, oats, and another kind of feed into the 'blender' to custom-make horse feed. The kids got to feel and smell the different kinds of feed, then they watched the owner fill and tie the new bags.

Then the owner's wife took us to the basement, where they had baby chicks, turkeys, and a duck. She let us watch them, and offered to let the kids hold them. They were content to pet the babies while I held them in my hand.

It was a great afternoon visit, and I recommend their services.

Oh, by the way, their mulch is great. Black and red mulch is $26/scoop and Brown mulch is $18/scoop. They also have plants that are $1.50/4-pack.

What a great local service!

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