Thursday, September 27, 2012

Run-A-Muck Outfitters

Run-A-Muck Outfitters is a new canoe rental company in Sango (10 minutes north of Pleasant View) that is managed by 2 of my friends - Jason and Jessi Pennington. 
They offer a 4 hour float from Adams, TN to Port Royal State Park each weekend.  Their prices are reasonable, the rides are great, and they have a lot of fun! 
This would be a great family outing, a great scouting adventure, or a great daytrip for friends.  The rapids are only class one, so it's definitely a family-friendly outing.
Their regular business hours are Saturday and Sundays 8am - 3pm.  They can also accomodate weekday trips, if you register in advance.
Visit their website at or look them up on facebook.
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