Monday, August 18, 2008

TWIN HEARTS Consignment Sale

From Ashley & Susan Gleaves:

It's SALE TIME AGAIN! Selling or shopping, this will be one great sale! Are you ready for cooler weather? Have your children grown by leaps and bounds this year? Are you expecting a new baby? Then get ready for the Children's Clothing Toy Sale! We will be receiving Fall and Winter Children's Clothing, Maternity Clothes, Toys, Books, Videos, DVD's, Accessories, and Everything for Baby.

Receiving will be Monday, September 8 - Thursday, September 11.
Pre-Sale will be Friday night, September 12.
The Sale will run from Saturday, September 13 - Saturday, September 20.

You can check for receiving times, and sign up to sell through

Please help us spread the word by sharing this e-mail with your friends! Thanks so much!

Susan & Ashley Gleaves

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