Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PV Volunteer Opportunities - part 2

These are opportunities listed on the website at PV First Baptist Church. If you're looking for a way to serve in the community, give these ministries a call.

Hope Center

The Hope Center provides care and shelter for women and children who are destitute and need help in getting back on their feet. The Hope Center is located in downtown Nashville. There is a group from the church that minister’s to these children on the fourth Monday night of every month. On this night a worship service is provided for these ladies and our group helps by teaching the children. For the past few years this group has participated in feeding these women and children on Christmas Day. If you would like more information you can contact Gina Condella @ 746-2843.


This is a ministry provided by the church carried out through the Sunday School classes on Thursdays of every week. This ministry provides meals to shut-ins and others who are in need of this kind of service. If you are interested in this ministry please contact Teresa Basham @ 615-307-3392.

Bethesda Center

The Bethesda Center is an agency in Cheatham County birthed by the Ministerial Alliance to help meet certain needs of the people in this community. The center provides a variety of assistance, such as food boxes, help with utilities, low priced clothing, and others. A group from the church goes to Bethesda the 2nd Saturday of each month to help stock food, straighten and clean, and provide other needed services. One of our very own, Ronnie Anderson, is the director of The Bethesda Center and would love to have you volunteer at any time if the church’s regular scheduled work day does not work for you. If you are interested call Ronnie Anderson @ 746-3771.

Community Changers

This ministry was birthed just recently in the heart of one of the men in our church. This ministry is modeled after World Changers, a ministry sponsored by the North American Mission Board. This ministry is an attempt to help people who are in need of minor repairs on their home. Community Changers wants to help by providing the labor for these needs. This ministry is still in its infant stages and we are looking forward to what God is going to do through Community Changers. For more information contact Robbie White @ 746-4439.

Good News Club

Our church has just partnered with Child Evangelism Fellowship in providing help and finances to start a Good News Club at Pleasant View Elementary School. This is a time when the children can stay after school and be taught about Jesus Christ. What a wonderful opportunity it is for us to be able to minister to these children in this way. Gina Condella is the director of the Good News Club and needs many people to be involved in helping make this ministry successful. If you would like more information please contact Gina Condella @ 746-2843.


The church actively participates in a community effort to feed children in our public schools that are not getting fed at home. This is done by sending food home over the weekend to supplement for the food they normally would get at school. The church needs help to support through finances, but would also welcome volunteers who would like to participate in putting the food bags together that are sent home with the children. For more information contact Beth Jarrell @ 746-5781.

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