Saturday, October 18, 2008

Strattons & Jukebox Games

My friend Mary & I took our kids on a spontaneous lunch date today. We went to a great little local diner called Strattons in Ashland City. Because it was spontaneous, we didn't have anything to entertain our 5 children under 6 years old. So we invented a game.

After the children finished pushing buttons on the mock jukebox, we used the letters (A-K) to play a game. We took turns around the circle, as I asked each child to pick the letter that started a word. After I said 'hat', they said 'h' and pushed the 'h' button on the jukebox. One of the boys (age 3) is just learning his letters, so we focused on words that started with the same letter as his name (it's easier for a child to hear words that start with the same letter of their name, because their name is one of the first words they learn to spell).

Then we switched to another word game. The youngest boy pushed a letter in the alphabet, and the other 3 boys thought of words that started with the same letter. Then we proceeded down the alphabet to the last letter on the jukebox.

My baby (age 2) just sipped water in her straw (a big thrill for her!)

Then our hamburgers and curly fries finally arrived, and they were wonderful. Well, not quite as wonderful as the hot fudge milkshakes!!

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