Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kid's Annual Fishing Tournament

The Mission:
In 1989, Robin Johnson began the first kid's fishing tournament, with the help of her husband Dave. Robin wanted to do something to make people aware and practice anti-drugs, and at the same time bring families together for a day of togetherness and fun. This would also draw the community together by the support they each gave the fishing tournament.

The Event:
On the last weekend in April, families spend the day together fishing. During the day they fish, then bring their fish to be weighed. When they bring their fish to be weighed they pick up their goodie bag, and a toy. The goodie bag is filled with anti-drug literature, fruit, drinks, and small toys, and many other goodies. At 3:00pm, those in line have their fish weighed. Trophy winners are determined in all the major categories by their weight. There is a total of 42 trophies and cash amounts for each trophy.

Saturday, April 24th.
Register and pay $1.00 at Proctor's Market, 5823 B Clarksville Highway

You can read the full fishing tournament article here.

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