Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Springfield YMCA

The Springfield YMCA is about 15 minutes away from Pleasant View. It's WELL worth the membership!

They have an indoor & outdoor pool, a playground, a two-room nursery, and a youth room. On Monday mornings, they have "Kid's Gym", where they set up an inflatable toy, kid-size basketball goals, riding toys and balls for the children. They have a gym with double basketball courts and a 2nd floor walking track. They have two rooms with cardio equipment, nautilus machines and free weights. They have a cycling room and an aerobics room. They have sports teams for children, and lots of activities for senior citizens.

With my 3 children in the nursery, the YMCA gives me sanity (a much needed break from cheerios and playdough), perspective (exercise is great for erasing stress!) and health (an excuse to eat more ice cream, right?).

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